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The ultimate health care

Picture by wichai bopatay from Pixabay

Here at Bourgogne Gold we care so much about you and your health, that we decided to go
ahead of the legal framework decided to prevent the Covid-19 pandemic from spreading.
Since Bourgogne Gold Tour offers exclusive private tours, you have nothing to fear during
our tasting excursions. Your party remains private and protected, along with your driving
wine expert and the hosts responsible for your private tasting sessions at the different
estates you will visit. Our tours are « JUST FOR YOU! »
On board our vehicles, we guarantee maximum security and constant awareness of physical
security barriers:

  • Hand sanitizer and masks are at your disposal at all times.
  • Our luxury vehicles allow a minimum distance of 1m between you and your guide.
  • Your guide will wear a mask during your tour should you prefer him to do so.
  • The vehicles are aired out every day, followed by a deep clean
  • Contact surfaces are cleaned daily with a virucidal agent (EN 14476 standard)
  • A specialist company disinfects our entire fleet with ozone every three months
    (a naturally efficient agent with active virucidal, antibacterial and antifungal
    properties, safe both for humans and the environment)

We may wear masks and maintain social distancing, but it will not prevent us from being
close to you, to smile or to enjoy life.





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