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The soil decides…
The heart of Burgundy, both ancient and fertile, intense and rich, reveals itself between the Côte de Nuits and the Côte de Beaune.

Climats of Burgundy


Bourgogne Gold Tour starts this day dedicated to the senses with a fine analysis of a landscape which will help you grasp that everything starts here, with the geological nature of soils and the gentle downslope of hills exposed to favourable sunshine.
Tasting the first wine late in the morning somehow initiates this joy by handing over the reins to the lip, the initial aroma, the first mouth-feel, the sparkling eye. A path has just opened, and this day promises to be memorable.


In the cellar : the sensitivity of aromas and the structures of wines…
In fresh and peaceful darkness, treasures age well with time. All these beautiful bottles are nestled cozily in their years.


Geosensory tasting :

This concept or method of tasting consists in focusing on the differences between two “crus” of the same year and from a similar “appellation” whose vines are sometimes only a few meters apart.

What makes them different and why ? What makes the Côtes de Nuits different from the Côtes de Beaune ? What are the differences between two villages, for instance between a wine from Chambolle and from Morey, that have been both vinified the same year by the same winegrower ? This explains why the elements picked up by the senses while commenting on the wine, its robe, structure and aromas are necessary to come up with answers worthy of a Great Connaisseur.

This type of tasting resembles a kind of expertise, even approaching professional competence, but it will appeal to many enthusiasts, due to the challenge raised by the difficulty… The reward always lies in the glass…